Recommended Readings

  1. Library of Congress (nd) “With an Even Hand: Brown v Board at Fifty”

  1. Davon Love (2019). When Baltimore Awakes: Analysis of the Human and Social Service Sector in Baltimore City.

  1. Gregory Smithsimon (2018). Are African American families more vulnerable in a largely white neighborhood? The Guardian.
  2. Adam Fairclough (2004). The Costs of Brown: Black Teachers and School Integration. The Journal of American History, 91(1), 43-55.
  3. Richard Rothstein(2014). The Racial Achievement Gap, Segregated Schools, and Segregated Neighborhoods – A Constitutional Insult. The Economic Policy Institute
6.     Sonya Ramsey (2017). The Troubled History of American Education after the Brown Decision. The American Historian. HTTPS://WWW.OAH.ORG/TAH/ISSUES/2017/FEBRUARY/THE-TROUBLED-HISTORY-OF-AMERICAN-EDUCATION-AFTER-THE-BROWN-DECISION/  

7.     Richard Rothstein (2019). We Can End Racial Segregation in America.


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