Meet Dr. Anne O. Emery

Dr. Anne Emery (Osborn), educator and community leader, was born May 15th, 1927.

A native of Thomasville, Ala., Dr. Emery moved to Baltimore with Vallen L. Emery Sr., her beloved late husband and three sons, after a successful teaching career in Louisiana. In the words of Sean Yoes of AFRO magazine:”She attended what was then Morgan State College where she earned a master’s degree in education and she attended Temple University in Philadelphia and was awarded a doctorate degree in education. Her list of accomplishments and contributions to the Greater Baltimore community is too long to list here.” In addition to her decades of service to,

and leadership within, the public schools of Maryland and Baltimore City, she is actively involved with the local Baltimore chapter of 100 Black Women, Inc; served as a member of Baltimore City Commission for Women – 6th District; served as chair of the Board of Directors of Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy; and served as national president of the Tuskegee National Alumni Association.

VIDEO links here to hear about her history and here to learn more about her thoughts on public education,  past and present. She also discusses, “How does cultural competency affect the quality of education?”

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