What People are Saying about Voices of Baltimore

Patricia L. Welch, Ph.D., Former Dean, School of Education and Urban Studies, Morgan State University. “This film has helped students comprehend and understand the roles that their predecessors played in segregation and desegregation and in how these roles shaped their lives and the world that we live in. Dr. Gary Homana has done and exceptionally remarkable job with Voices of Baltimore. It is therefore my contention that he demonstrates a high level of creativity, service, teaching and ability to effectively produce and market an academic work product, all of which may fit into the long-range programmatic needs for advancing Voices of Baltimorefurther in the academic community.”

Kate Pearson, Managing Director, Programming and Acquisitions, Maryland Public Television. “It is clear that your conception and leadership on this film has produced a valuable contribution not only to the field of education, but society in general, deepening public understanding of segregation and desegregation in Baltimore. Having worked with countless filmmakers, I highly respect your efforts to bring “Voices of Baltimore” to fruition and for partnering with MPT in its broadcast—it is a powerful example of your future scholarship.”

Tara Taylor, Education and Outreach Director, Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. Voices of Baltimore: Life under Segregation has provided an important opportunity for us to achieve our work. It is an invaluable teaching resource that will continue to influence how students, teachers and community members understand segregation and desegregation, discuss its impact on society, and address ways to ensure civil and human rights for all people.”

Eva Mengelkoch, DM, Professor of Music, Towson University. “Voices of Baltimore: Life under Segregation for which Dr. Homana served as the executive director and producer is a brilliantly conceived documentary. Through VOB, Towson University faculty member Dr. Gary Homana and VOB’s co-directors have prominently contributed to the national educational and scholarly reputation of Towson University.”

Evelyn J. Chatmon, Assistant Superintendent, BCPS, Retired: “The story is missing from textbooks and curriculums created by school systems. You decided that it was important to capture these stories and thus, with a lot of hard work and on a very limited budget, “Voices of Baltimore” was born.

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